Velociraptor jp3

Maybe not a Velociraptor, or a Utahraptor, or a Deinonychus...

To start off, please read this if you would:

Now, to start off, if this is correct and it was Crichton's original intention we're all going to have to rename Velociraptor antirrhopus to Achillobator giganticus. However, considering V. antirrhopus has been mentally welded into the canon and the minds of all who keep up with the canon, I don't think this is going to stick quite yet, considering everyone depicted in the franchise calls them Velociraptor.

I guess the big question is this: do we seriously consider this as a potential candidate for the identity of that elusive "V. antirrhopus"? Or do we revert to Wikipedia's speculation policy "if it hasn't been professionally researched, it doesn't go in the article"? Or do we just add a small note in the page(s) that this may be an option?

Please, if you have an opinion, I'd like any comments, good bad or neutral. As soon as I read this revelation I was wondering how the hell we'd sort this taxonomical tornado out.