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Possible future wiki celebrations

Three things.

First: article count. We're slowly but steadily increasing. I figure that if we keep creating at the rate we are, we might reach 1000 articles by July.

Second: movies. As many of us are well aware, Jurassic Park III's tenth birthday is fast approaching. I was figuring we could throw a kind of wiki party to celebrate this. The Primeval Wiki had a sort of countdown to their series 4 on their main page, we could do something similar.

Third: Isn't it ironic how the two coincide at almost exactly the right moment? Therefore we could celebrate simultaneously...

Additional, added-at-the-last-minute fourth point: That also happens to be my birthday :)

Additional 5th point added a few hours later: July 5th also happens to be Park Pedia's 5th Birthday! I think this is getting close to a mega-celebration...

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