Hi everyone, as you know know our main page has changed in format, and one main thing that was removed is "Featured Article" This choice was a difficult one to make, as most wikia's have feauted areticles and also, no on votes for a featured areticle. SO if you guys decide to have something feartured each month it will now be placed on DNN newsland. and since it's also nearing Febuary, we need to decide what we feature....

Idea no. 1: AN article will be featured each month, although the Admins of PArk Pedia will be the ones to choose this article, and it will be an article that is "trending" or it can also be an aritcle that needs work and attention.

Idea no 2: A user wether admin or not will be featured each month based on their constructive edits and overall contribution to Park Pedia, this may be choosen by poll, with each candidate's name having a link to their contribution page, or this may be chosen by the admins (we wont be bias)..

If you have any other ideas please feel free to tells us or if you dont want anything featured just say so, Thank you