It's was only less than 2 years ago when i first discovered this wiki, Park Pedia had about 500 pages, less than 5 active members, and it was vandalised every now and then. But i saw potential in Park Pedia, and Jurassic Park has been my favorite movie since 2003, so i decided to help make Park Pedia "BIGGER THAN EVER". I had wonderful idea's to help this wiki, most of these have already been fullfilled, but suddenly i became very busy else where and i had stopped editing on Park Pedia for a long year, and when i came back towards the end of last year i was shocked and amazed at how this wiki has grown, it now has more than 1,300 pages, a hole lot more editors and admins since i left. But all this wouldnt have happened with out the help of you all. I would like to specially mention: MismeretMonk, ZEM , Kabilan29, Lozzy.94 , Dr.Mollica. MismeretMonk has always been there, for the good, the bad and the uglyhe took this wiki nder his wings and treated it like a child, ZEM one of the former 1st generation admins, even thought ZEM hasnt been active on this wiki for may years now, you still see that name flying around. Lozzy.94 and Dr.Mollica were new comers back then, but they didnt hold back when it came to helping Park Pedia, Lozzy.94 help establish the genesis of Park Pedia's YouTube Channel, and Dr.Mollica took care of the formerly deserted Fanon Wiki, it is him did what ever possible to get his hands on the Fanon wiki and turn it into the world's largest fanfiction site. Kabilan29 and I didnt start of on the same track, but in the end Kabilan29 proved to be a great member of this wiki. So i thank you all, and even if you werent metioned i still thank you for helping Park Pedia become what it is now.