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Dilo vs Nedry

I'm sure few of us will ever forget when that adorable little Dilophosaurus taught Nedry a hard lesson - never underestimate the power of the Dilo. That brief scene has immortalized the small but horribly creepy Dilophosaurus in our imaginations. The sad thing is that Isla Sorna seems devoid of the wee beasties, which means since Nublar is (presumably) resting at the bottom of the Pacific Ocean, we'll never see them again.

The only other appearance Dilophosaurus had in JP canon was when they killed Miles Chadwick in Jurassic Park: The Game. (By now, you may have guessed I'm a fan of The Game) That guy was a real creep! There was Nima ready to fight to the death to save them both, and the bum SHOVED HER TO THE DILOS AND RAN!! Of course, the little guys killed the idiot, and I loved every minute of it. They are truly a force to be reckoned with. Of course, even a Dilophosaurus bows down to the out-of-control Jeep and the tiny kings of Isla Nublar, Troodon, but they are still seriously creepy.

Their appearance in Episode 2 was little more than a cameo, but it was fun to see the mother fighting Billy Yoder (I sort of liked the poor sod until he lost it)

Now, according to dialogue in Episode 4, Isla Nublar gets blown to kingdom come, and so does every dinosaur (and mosasaur, presumably) on it. But according to Collin Treverrow, JP4 will be set in the (fully intact) world of Isla Nublar. So does that mean Dilophosaurus will appear again in an antagonistic role? I can easily imagine the main characters finding a camp full of dead BioSyn mercenaries and replaying bodycam footage to reveal a pack of Dilophosaurus killed them all, and then they return to defend their spoils. But does Dilophosaurus]] live on Sorna too? According to the toy line they do. At least that's what the page says. So maybe even if JP4 doesn't go back to Isla Nublar, we could still see the little fiends in action!

Who wants to see Dilophosaurus in action again?

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The real Dilophosaurus was probably entirely different from the things in Jurassic Park. But who cares? Those things are SO COOL!!

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