Some people have complained that Jurassic Park: The Game was a failure and an insult to the franchise. The game has received complaints for the gameplay, the plotline, the characters and the dinosaurs. But you can't deny that it made Triceratops finally become a character instead of a backdrop. In all three movies, Triceratops has served a role, no matter how small. But at long last, The Game gave us on opportunity to see those horns in action against the Trike's mortal enemy, Tyrannosaurus rex! Lady Margaret was a force to be reckoned with, and even though she probably lost the battle in the end, she made the earth quake under her feet. This was a refreshing change, since until The Game was released, Triceratops has been little more than another herbivore in the background.

Let us start with Jurassic Park, the original movie, which is why most of us are here on this wiki in the first place. The only dinosaur that actually appeared on the tour was a Triceratops, and that scene was Gerry Harding's only appearance in JP canon besides The Game. (Even though he looked totally different) We never got to see ol' three horned face in action, since the star was lying on the side suffering from a mysterious ailment. Why was it sick anyway? Who knows? Anyhow, it wasn't much of a role, and overall Trike was just a backdrop. So, did they do better in TLW? Let us go four years forward.

I haven't watched TLW in a while, but only one Triceratops scene comes to mind when I think about The Lost World. When Nick van Owen frees the dinosaurs in the InGen camp, I recall a Triceratops being involved in the ruckus. It bellows and frightens some guys. Now that is an even smaller cameo. Sure, it was a pretty good cameo, but ONE SCENE. When discussing Triceratops, we can sweep TLW from our memory.

JPIII did little to alleviate the situation. Triceratops appeared in the background on the river ride after they escaped the (freakin' awesome) Pteranodons, alongside Brachiosaurus and other plant-eating stars of the background. That is a sad situation.

So, let us look at the fourth installment of the franchise. Who wants to see more of Triceratops?

Do you want to see more Triceratops scenes in JP4?

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Someday, I want to see Triceratops finally win a battle with a T. rex. Until then, the three-horned face contentedly munches plants in the background while dreaming of fame and glory.

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