Anybody remember when T. rex was a hero? Well, antihero, I suppose. Certainly, Gennaro deserved to get eaten, the crum, and few of us who watched Jurassic Park will ever forget when Rexy saved the day by killing TBO (The Big One) and allowing our heroes to escape the island. Ah, the good old days when dinosaurs ruled the Earth! Rexy continued her role as antihero long after the main characters flew to safety, saving the day at the end by eating Billy Yoder when he went bad and then idiotically tried to save the canister. The guy ran into a Tyrannosaurus rex's line of site to save the embryos! I mean, not smart! Nima might have been eaten too, but I don't think she'd do something that stupid. I prefer to think she saved Jess and then Rexy squashed the canister. But then the island was bombed and our hero was blown to smithereens.

The role of T. rex didn't change much in TLW, but the mother and father still served a fairly menacing capacity. This time around, they got Junior dino-napped, so naturally they were upset at the supposed dino-nappers, Malcolm and gang. In a blatant miscarriage of justice, they shoved the people who saved their son's life OFF A CLIFF, and then they ate the guy trying to save them. Okay, those InGen creeps deserved to get turned into dino-meat, but I liked that palaeontologist. Who was that, Burke, maybe? The imbecile may have run into the jaws of a T. rex, so technically he was asking for it (the snake wasn't even poisonous), but he was a friendly guy. But the biggest baddy that the T. rex committed was eating about 20 sailors and RAMPAGING THROUGH;()$$@/;?!ING SAN DIEGO!!!! By the end, though, the T. rex confirmed it's heroic role by letting Junior eat that creepo Ludlow. So although they've become much darker, T. rex is still (sort of) the saviour still. And really, the baby was cute! You can't deny it.

So, did T. rex get eviler or nicer in JPIII? Neither. IT GOT KILLED BY A @&$:/.,!?ING SPINOSAURUS!! So not only was Spino most assuredly a villain, HE KILLED OUR HERO!!! That means that T. rex is no longer the good or the bad guy, because T. rex is dead. Now, the question I'm asking is:

Is T. rex villain or hero, and which role should it play in JPIV?

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I want people to cheer for Rexy again in JPIV, and what better way to reestablish T. rex as an (anti)hero than by making it kill the big, bad Spinosaurus?

I have returned. I am a king. Therefore, I am THE RETURN OF THE KING!! Speak to me, peasants! 23:31, May 21, 2013 (UTC)