Ever since Jurassic Park was released, T. rex has reigned in our imaginations as the king of the dinosaurs. It was pretty awesome, but maybe overrated. A lot of dinosaurs have been overshadowed by the tyrant lizard king. Giganotosaurus, Carcharodontosaurus, Torvosaurus, Allosaurus,, Carnotaurus, Fasolasuchus, Quetzalcoatlis, Tylosaurus, Shonisaurus, Albertosaurus, Gorgosaurus, Mapusaurus, Majungasaurus, Ceratosaurus, Ekrixinatosaurus - there were a lot of cool dinosaurs and other forms of prehistoric reptile that T. rex has overshadowed. They deserve the spotlight.

There was also one that cast a shadow on all the other carnivorous dinos, a creature that was larger than all the others. Spinosaurus was the mightiest dinosaur the world has never known. The only known fossils were blown up during World War II - by Allied bombs, ironically. Ever since, Spinosaurus was forgotten, known only from fragments and the pictures and notes of Dr. Stromer, it's discoverer. Spinosaurus certainly had no chance of rising to fame while T. rex lived on. The solution? Kill T. rex.

Jurassic Park III had some flaws, but Spinosaurus was not one of them. This guy was awesome! Perhaps the Spino/T. rex battle was unrealistic, slightly, and a little rushed. But the Spinosaurus was truly menacing. That thing was awesome! It might be the best antagonist in the franchise so far (sorry, Velociraptor). Best of all, the one in JPIII was smaller than the fossil record suggests. So could it be a juvenile? If so, I look forward to seeing the adult when the fourth movie comes out.

A lot of T. rex fanboys hate Spinosaurus because it forced T. rex out of the limelight. Well, you know what? T. rex had it's fun for several decades. Time to give some other dinosaurs a chance. SPINOSAURUS ROCKS !!!

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