Just to let you know, I'm dropping the title "Jurassic Park 4" from my blog post titles, since not everything I write is related to JPIV.

A lot of people really hate Jurassic Park III. There are a variety of reasons - the death of T. rex against the newcomer Spino, the absence of a plotline in favour of action, the canonicity issues around the raptors (which should have had more feathers), the general idiocy of Amanda and Paul Kirby. But you know what? I loved it. I think it was a fun movie to watch. I saw it while on vacation on a tiny little box of a TV where you can't skip commercials, which was annoying, but I still enjoyed it. And you know what? The totally unrealistic Pteranodons were so awesome!!!

I say unrealistic for a number of reasons. Firstly, a Pteranodon had wimpy legs which could never lift a child like Eric Kirby. Secondly, why would it want to carry him off anyway? All the fossil evidence shows Pteranodon was a piscivore, a fish eater, not a kirbyvore. Ha, ha.

But why would they want him for dinner when they could have had fish?

Well, suppose there was no fish. That river was a bit empty looking. What if the poor Pteranodons had been stuck there for eight years in total starvation? Then, some nice, tasty humans strolled right into their talons. They must have been desperate. You kind of feel sorry for them. And you know, now that they've escaped, maybe they'll get to eat more fish and leave the humans alone.

There's a twist, though. In the animal kingdom, some animals, old, sick, maybe juvenile ones, will eat humans out of desperation, then become addicted to human flesh, such as in the series of shark attacks that inspired Jaws. Could it be that the loose Pteranodons might threaten Costa Rica in the future?

Should Pteranodon be an antagonist in future JP?

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Flying, carnivorous pterosaurs could be sort of frightening…

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