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  • I was born on May 4
  • My occupation is High School Student
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  • The Original Jurassic Vampire

    I've got my hands onto more new footage! Courtesy of Jurassic Connected


    Dialogue - Lagoon scene, and more into depth.

    Scenes - More need scenes including; Grey and Zach's demise, Ptetrodoon attacking helicopter. 

    Watch it to see.

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  • The Original Jurassic Vampire

    Teaser Trailer (released Today)

    November 27, 2014!1

    Post your Opinions on the trailers below!

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  • The Original Jurassic Vampire

    Jurassic World wiki has been created by myself and Mcoury. We will work hard to make IT the best JW wiki ever but we can't do it without your help.

    So please if your willing to work with us, please message me.

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  • The Original Jurassic Vampire

    Tomorrow, At Comic Con Jurassic World will make it's first debut! 

    The special teaser is unknown weither it will be small slice of footage, a teaser trailer or even a official trailer with chunks of footage.  

    UPDATE: Sadly, Jurassic World didn't make an appearence at all. No Teaser, No Footage, Nothing but a poster, JW Car and a TREX head that was supposed to be a build to the most exciting day at Comic Con that brought us nothing. 

    UPDATE #1:  After the shame of Jurassic World not being seen at Comic Con, Jurassic World Teaser is set to be released on the Vines App, the time is yet unknown #JurassicWorld

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  • The Original Jurassic Vampire

    Jurassic Connection posted a photo from NASA's facility of a helicopter being shot behind a blue screen, it is unknown weither it's Jurassic World. Since, another movie is being shot there as well. 

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