1. No backing out 

2. Both are healthy adults

3. Both know each others presence


Advantages:Speed, Intelligence, Bite, Claws

Disadvantages: Reckless, little stratgey

Stegosaurus: Deadly tail spikes, Plates for intmidation, More stable

Disadvantages: Speed,  Plates are easily injured, Intelligence

The Verdict: Stegosaurus 60-40 Allosaurus. I believe the Stegosaurus is more likley to win due to the fact if it gets lucky it can kill the Allosaurus in one clean hit.


The Allosaurus pounces.

The Battle: The Allosaurus spots a drinking Stegosaurus. He steps forwars, ready to pounce. As he heads towards his prey he recklessly charges, only he is headed from behind. He just ducks the tail swing of the Stegosaurus. He then leaps at the Stegosaurus but is forced to land hard to the ground when the Stegosaurus atempts to kill it. Soon the Allosaurus begins pacing around its prey, just out of reach of its tail. He then decideds to go for thevulerable head. But the Stegosaurus is ready swinging its tail, warding off the predator.Soon the Allosaurus charges again, slashing the Stegosaurus in the chest. Only to be grazed by the herbivores' tail. The Allosaurus' skin rips and he feels blood gush out. The Allosaurus soon begins angrily slashing the Stegosaurus flank. It soon heads towards the head and


Allosaurus vs Stegosuarus

begins to bite down and prepares to twist the Stegosaurs' neck. In Desperation the Stegosaurs jerks his bleeding head from the jaws of the predator.Then Stegosaurus then lands that one vital blow. Foot long spikes pierce and rip into the Allosaurus' flesh, only stoppoed at the ribs. But it is not enough. The Allosaurus then prepares to charge the Stegosaurus, head first. Time seems to slow down as the Allosaurus charges and the Stegosaurus swings its tail. The Allosaurus the realizes its mistake. Its eyes turn in horror to its would be preys tail. The spikes connect with Allosaurus head, piercing it in its brain and other organs in its head. The Allosaurus roars in agony as the Stegosaurus beings wrenching its tail spikes in the Allosaurs head. The Allosaurus roars again, then falls to the ground. Dead. The Stegosaurs, bloody and wounded looks at his fallen attacker, then walks away.