In celebration of the recent event of me getting a level 40 T.rex Im celebrating for two reasons

1.Im a trex

2.I love T.rex

So in this event I will be writing a day in the life on an alpha male T.rex in the late creatceous of Hell Creek.

He awoke before his pack. He used his seemingly usely arms to raise his massive body from the ground. He sniffs the air before heading to the stream. As he drinks the cool water refreshes his dry throat. But as h drinks he hears the grunts of a bull triceratops. He looks up with no suprise. He uses his superior intelligence to startle it. The triecratops lashes out with its large horns but only phases the predator. They then circle each other but then the T.rex quikly rears up and postions his head. The triecratops charges but leaves its neck open. The T.rex taking advantge of this well planned situation quickly lowers himself and bends his neck to the  left before sinking his mighty jaws into the Tricetatops neck. His bite brakes its neck, rips arteries, and outright kills his prey. He then began to rip and tear into it consuming all of it in 2 hours.

Feeling full he headed back to his pack. They were just waking up and he looked forward to greating his mate. As she got up from the ground she made the nest visable. e looked at his eggs and saw that they were craking his mate noticed first and protectivley lowered her head. The rest of the pack gathered around. They watched and waited as the eggs cracked. They soon hatched as young tyrannosaurs sqeuaking and chriping at each other soon were picked up in their mother's mouth much like a crocdile does. Soon the pack all went to the lake and were met with a nasty suprise. A pack of dromaesaurs had arrived and were feasting on an ankylosaurus. The alpha led the charge as they quickly took down their comtetion in the late afternoon sky. As he last raptors fled a small amount of the pack went to make a kill. They encountered another ankylosaurus. A younger less expierienced male charged in only to have his leg broken by its tail. But the distraction was enough for the clever expierienced adults to grab the ankylosaurus on the head  and tail quickly the first one twisted the Ankylosaurs head to a point where i came off. The sencond male  soon ripped of the anklosaur's tail. The young juvinile limped to his mother where she ssupported him. He would soon recover. As the alphas mate let down the infants they soon ran to the corpse and feasted. THe rest of the pack gathered round and ate. Some soon left to make more kills which were shared. Soon the pack made one last long drink before heading back to their home.

                                              THE END