At the Time and general influence

For starters it was a massive hit and made $215 million. Jurassic Park was so popular since it depicted dinosaurs in a whole new light. Fast, agile, terrifying, and living again. It also inspired others to focus more on dinosaurs as it sparked and attention that other films had failed to do. No many ask how is it better than say the original King Kong? It shows dinosaurs completley differently and makes them seem real in the film as well as special effects never seen before. What also made it special was the fact that the dinosaurs were realistic. This sparked lots of attention to dinosaurs and more movies about dinosaurs were made. It did have a negative impact on other things.

How it affected other things negativley 

For things like Walking With DInosaurs they made it more dramatic since they would get less attention for a more realistic film with less drama. For a popular series at the time Calvin and Hobbes the author stopped writing dinosaur strips for a time since he felt it would make calvin's imagination seem less. A lot of other things like this were overshadowed by jurassic park since few of them were as good as the film.

Positive Influnce

Jurassic Park inspired many to start looking at a nw thing that was rarley featured before: Dinosaurs. This lead people to study them more and create more things about them. More movies and merchandise were made from this series creation. It also sparked attention to a somewhat more grim topic: Cloning and the movie failed to portray the negative effects of cloning. And no I am not talking abou the clone troopers who look like marshmellows. Cloning started to have a more different view and more fantasies about brinnging back dinosaurs as many tried to find DNA to attempt this. It did not work(ignore my existance for about 5 minutes) but cloning got more attention.

Modern Era and Legacy

Jurassic Park most certainly left a massive legacy. Movies have been made about dinosaurs because of it and 3 sucessful sequels(actually 2, jp3 recieved a lot of hate) as well as multiple games and merchandise and many spin off stories. It most certainly lasts to day since there is a second Jurassic world. Few films have this sucess and thus it shows how popular and how much of an influence of this.