1. No Backing out

2. Both are healthy adults

3. They Are aware of each others presence


Advantages: Powerful bite, Speed, Intelligence, Tougher, Better senses

Disadvantages: Lighter wieght, small arms


Advantages: Size, wieght, Slashing claws and teeth

Disadvantages: Weaker bite, Not agile, slow

The Verdict:The fight is 65-45, T.rexs favor since it is smarter, stronger, and faster. The T.rex also has ostoderns which can protect it from slashing. The victory goes to T.rex. The Giganotosaurus would have to get multiple heavy hits would be hard. The T.rex only needs one good hit which owuld be hard to dodge due to the fact that Giganotosaurus was bulky and lacked agility.

The Battle: The T.rex and Giganotosaurus pace each other. The T.rex begins to pick apart its opponent and its capabilities, realizing that it probably will be for a deadly match up. The Giganotosaurus h


T.rex vs Giganotosaurus

isses and growls at its opponent. Then the T.rex using its superior speed charges the Giganotosaurus, ramming it in its chest. Stunned the Giganotosaurus grapples the T.rex like a montitor lizard, and they began pushing at each other. The T.rex was suprisingly strong due to the fact that in each arm it could lift 400lbs. Then the Giganotosaurus slamed the T.rex, pushing it down. It then procceded to try to bite the T.rex in the neck. THey grapeled for a few minutes, with the Giganotosaurus struggling to try to kill its opponent. Finnaly the T.rex was knocked to the ground. The GIganotosaur the lowers its head, only to hear a crack as the T.rex's leg connects with its leg.The T.rex then jerked upward

The Battle.

s, and its jaws lock on the Giganotosaurs head. The Giganotosaurus roars in pain and agony as its hed is crushed under 20 tons of pressure. The T.rex drops the dead GIganotosaurus and bites its head when the corpse is on the ground, twisting its oppponents neck.