Many know the power of this dinosaurs bite but have trouble comphrending the force of it. The bite power would be between 10-20 tons. Now at 20,000 pounds of pressure per square inch that is almost unimagniable. So this description will help. You are outside when you're freind puts his hand on you're shoulder at that force. You're arm comes off, and the chair is slammed into a 3 foot dent in the ground. Now imagine that on flesh of a dinosaur. Bone crushed, skin peirced and ripped apart, blood vesseles burst, and organs ruptured. A nice pleasent thought. Hope you were not reading this on the way to luch or something of the sort.

Now at the maximum force. The scenario happens again. This time you're arm and a good chunk of you're chest comes off and there is a 6 foot dent in the ground.Again on prey they would have a few seconds to think sh*** before they are killed or injured. Now both terms have a large and devastating effect. Its a case of you get bit you die. If they survive the wounds there will be infections hard to survive. And then when the body heals it will not be the same. Lets say this happens: You are an ankylosaurus. The rex next door bites your leg. You ward it away. Now you're leg is now either completley ripped off or crippled. If you survive the intial shock and blood loss you would be extremly lucky, more lucky if you found Donald Trump's credit card on the street. Next the infection, as there is a gaping wound infection enters. All kinds of nasty stuff gets in. If you live you are more lucky than Master Chief who fell out of orbit. And finally recovery and the rest of your life. Lets just say that leg is useless from bone regrowth. You are permanently stuck with a limp and movment is hard. Food will also be hard to get to. So that is the bite. Hope Its helpful. :)