The Triceratops

:30 feet

Height: 10 feet

Wieght: 7-8 tons

Time: 68- 60 mya

Trieecratops was a late cretaceous herbivore in Hell Creek. It mainly fed on lower lying plants and ferns. Triceratops lived along side many other dinosaurus including Tyrannosaurus.  Triceratops is one of the more famous dinosaurus and one of the earliest to be discovered. 

Frill And Horns

The use of how it frill and horns has generated much debate. Some have suggested that the horns were used for fighting for mating rights between males. Another popular theory is that the horns and frills were used infact for defense from predators such as T.rex. There is a flaw with this theory since in a scenario a Triceratops gores a T.rex but there is chance of the T.rex to fall on the Trieceratops, braking its neck. It was most likley used for display and intimidation.


The young triceratops

New facts also show the suprising growth of its frill and horns. A young Triceratops' horns pointed upwards and slowly curved donwards as they got older. It would not be ideal for defense since younger Triceratops would need more protecion thus removing that theory. It also concludes that the frill and horns were used for display and intimidation.


New reshearch indicated that Triceratops had feathers which were most likley used to help with display for the frill and horns. They would be effective if  for display and heating or cooling.
Triceratops by ultamateterex2-d5zvayw