1. No backing out 

2. Both are healthy adults


Hell Creek.

3. Both know each others presence


Advantages:Stronger Bite, Speed, Healing, Better senses, Protective anatomy, Intelligence 

Disadvanteges, small arms


Advantages: Thick armor. Deadly tail, more stable posture

DIsavantges, short, low intelligence, low speed

Verdict: The Advantage is Tyrannosaurus 55-45 Ankylosaurus. The T.rex

gains the edge due to the fact that it would have too lean down and try to bite it to get its head hit. The T.rex is more agile and also can create a plan to kill the Ankylosaurus. This battle is close though and both have deadly weapons. 

The Battle: A mother Tyrannosaurs is sitting close to her nest, her body right over her squeaking chicks. Suddenly her nose flared, it was a scent bothering her all day, it started miles away and got closer. It was a male ankylosaurus. She rose and groweld at the intruder to her den. It did not back

down. She began stepping around and then it happened in a flash. The ankylosaurus swung but the T.rex stepped back. The ankylosaurus' tail connected with a tree which fell down. While it was distrac


T.rex vs Ankylosaurus!

ted she acted. She lunged forward and bit down on to the ankylosaurus' head. It flailed as its head was crushed but it could not reach her, and soon his skull was crushed in the mothers jaws. Then she jerked forward, twisting the ankylosaurus neckup and backwards, breaking its neck. But she did not stop their, she closed her jaws on his crushed skull and penetrated it, and twisted and wrenched, destroying his brain's shape. She then dropped the ankylosaurus' head to the ground. Its legs fell to the dirt, twitching and writhing. The Tyrannosaurus roared triumphantly. SHe then belowed lowly. Soon her young chichs came squeaking and chirping and began to eat with their mother. Soon a male stepped in and joined his mate in devourng the fallen ankylosaurus.


The fight