T.rex Vs Triceratops


1. No backing out

2. Both are healthy adults

3. Both know each others presence

Hell Creek.



Stronger Bite, Speed, Healing, Better senses, Protective anatomy 

Disadvanteges, small arms


Horns, Frill, Better stance, heavier

Disadvantges, Not that smart


Most likley is T.rex since there is much more fossil evidence of them winnig but also because they are smarter and could potentially uses there smarter brain to out wit the Triceratops and get in a good bit. The Triceratops one hope is keeping the Trex infront of it but the T.rex with its better agility to get in a bite which could cripple the Triceratops and most likley kill it outright.

For fun I will do a simulated fight 

It is a particulaurly bad season for this one Tyrannosaurus. He has found little food and is starvinging. A Triceratops might provide the calories needed to survive but there is a problem. There is nowhere to mount an ambush.  It soon aproaches the bull Triceratops.

The Tyrannosaurus paces the Triceratops around and prepares its next move. The Triceratops turns with the carnivore keeping its horns pointed at it's chest.  Then the Triceratops to woried charges the T.rex. Big mistake. The T.rex turns and lunges. It soon grips the Triceratops' back and crushes it then soon bitting its leg and twisting and crushing the leg.. But the Triceratops soon brakes free and rams the T.rex in the chest. The T.rex roars in pain as the horns pierce its flesh.  But the horns stop dead. They can not pierce the


The Fight

ribs. It soon draws back and prepares to ram again but the Tyrannosaurus side steps againand headbutts the wounded Triceratops, and it unsteadies the Triceratops, but not enough. Soon enough the Triceratops slashes its horns across the tyrant lizard's right flank but its thick skin is hard to pierce. FInally the Triceratops runs the other way and prepares to deal the killing blow to the T.rex. It can not win if this fails. The T.rex is in a mmuch better condition thatn the Triceratops while the Triceratops is crippled. He charges the T.rex. But The T.rex is ready. He bites his frill and uses his own momentum against him, ripping off part of his frill and flinging the Triceratops to the ground and runs over to his opponent. The Tyrannosaurus then loweres his head to the Triceratop's throught and crushes it in his jaws. Then he rips it out. The Tyrant Lizard king roars triumphantly in victory.

This is just my opinion and let me know what you think would win.