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February 2, 2012
  • I live in Isla Sorna
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  • My occupation is InGen Ranger
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  • Tyrant king

    Sorry guys but I wont be on as much. But I am still going to be around just not as much but I still have to perform my admin duties so see me editing here and there and so on. The reason is simple: other JP websites. Recent happenings on JP legacy and the fact that I have again tracked down a Trespasser copy (My return to TresCom!) means that i will have to split my free time over not just those three but my other JP related websites. But I do urge you that if you have an account over at these places or want to just hit me up and we can have a chat!

    Tyrant King

    Park Pedia Admin PS no idea about this category thing :/

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  • Tyrant king

    JP IV plot

    April 15, 2012 by Tyrant king

    Hi people of Park Pedia I thought I might just bring up the topic of Jurassic Park IV ( a popular topic recently ) well, what I want to know is what do YOU think it should be about. Here is what I think the plot should be:

    On many online rumour sites the " Tim becoming CEO of InGen, Rebuilding Jurassic Park " and " Virus and/or dinosaurs taking over " plots seem to be what everyone's talking about. In my opinion that would kill the series. Many people complained about the Second and Third movies having a Generic " people go to island, people get chased by dinosaurs" plot. I had no problem with those. In fact I want JP IV to be about "people going to an island" I would really like a JP IV to be a tribute to JP. With the recent game and JP b…

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  • Tyrant king

    JP IV articles

    April 6, 2012 by Tyrant king

    I think that the current " Speculations about JP IV " article should be renamed to JP IV production timeline or JP IV timeline or something along those lines. Most of the information on the article is not speculation and instead interviews, announcements and other related news that chances are will be true. The current article about JP IV locked until the first trailer should be momentarily reopened and edited as many confirmations over crew and such have been announced over the past few months. I believe that a separate page should be opened with the " speculations" heading where members can post the latest rumors theyve heard on sites and plus post the link at the bottom so we can confirm.

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  • Tyrant king

    What's your favourite

    February 3, 2012 by Tyrant king

    My favourite JP movie is a joint effort between JP and TLW:JP. No1 has better story and characters aswell as acting. No2 has more dinosaur action, more INTERSTING characters and is generally more entertaining to watch. No3 tried to mix a bit of both but it wasn't as good but I still think it could have been more interesting had they worked on it. I can't decide between JP and TLW:JP I love them both .

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  • Tyrant king

    Toy line help

    February 3, 2012 by Tyrant king

    I can help but notice that most of the toy line pages have dropped below standard any help in editing them would be appreciated

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