Hi people of Park Pedia I thought I might just bring up the topic of Jurassic Park IV ( a popular topic recently ) well, what I want to know is what do YOU think it should be about. Here is what I think the plot should be:

On many online rumour sites the " Tim becoming CEO of InGen, Rebuilding Jurassic Park " and " Virus and/or dinosaurs taking over " plots seem to be what everyone's talking about. In my opinion that would kill the series. Many people complained about the Second and Third movies having a Generic " people go to island, people get chased by dinosaurs" plot. I had no problem with those. In fact I want JP IV to be about "people going to an island" I would really like a JP IV to be a tribute to JP. With the recent game and JP being re-released in 3D would it not make sense to return to Isla Nublar? Of course I also wouldn't mind JP IV set back on Sorna. As far as actual plot is concerned I personally want a combination of many different ideas seen in Games and expanded universe but largely left untouched by the main franchise. In Trespasser it EXPANDED on The Lost World. Perhaps instead of spinning off into what they are calling the "new trilogy" they could EXPAND the so-called "Amber Trilogy" or "Classic Trilogy" as I've heard on a few sites. JP IV could tie up a few "loose ends" in the Franchise and generally finish the timeline. I'm not saying they shouldn't make anymore after 4 but in my view coming up with a decent plot for a fifth and sixth?! I they do go ahead with the new trilogy I fear that somewhere along the line they'll get lazy and make paper thin plots and no decent actor or production staff daring to touch the franchise. Jurassic Park could end up like the Jaws franchise. Nobody wants to make another Jaws film and many people have no idea about Jaws. What if in the future all people can think of is how catastrophically terrible the new trilogy is. What if none of the new generation could be bothered to check out Jurassic Park or The Lost World or perhaps the third one. All the games, novels and current JP expanded material is forgotten. Instead eclipsed by diabolically cheesy new things. Will anyone experience the Jurassic Park nostalgia effect if the new trilogy stinks worse than a landfill site? I hope that JP IV isn't a new trilogy but the conclusion to the Jurassic Park story. It's been a great franchise and as much as it hurts to say it unless any good valid plots are presented for the "new trilogy" JP IV should be the last in the series. :(

Thanks for reading

Tyrant King

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