Tis is not going to be very long but I want to put My point out there. Basically I find that Jurassic World did really well and it is by far the best Jurassic Park sequel ever! Wich (like honest trailers said: its not saying much) I dont really agree with that but whatever. c I heard that Colin Trevarrow said that there will be no more Jurassic park sequels (or prequels) will take place on ISLANDS yea thats right NO MORE ISLANDS! I don't know if he forgot about the lost world's ending but thats one of the main reasons it did not do well!!!! I DON'T UNDERSTAND WHY THEY THINK THIS IS A GOOD IDEA HONESTLY!!! THESE PEOPLE! the movies are better on islands! Now I dont know if that is true or not but the possibilities are now pretty limited I mean on the islands yea its limited but they can come up with original ideas on the island's, on the mainland however, its already bin done so it just dosn't work it would take hours to say every movie that has some kind of monster in the city yea I guess they're cool movies to whach but they're predictable because its bin done to many times. to be honest I want to go back to isla sorna just for the spino I do like Jurassic Park 3 quite a lot and the spino was cool and like you were probably expecting the fight was to short and the t.rex died to easilly so that fight did really nothing to the story and I just found it kinda boring cause nothing happened. the fight at the end of Jurassic World was epic but...  in every Jurassic park movie there is a fight or something exept for in the lost world. so this means that in Jurassic world 2 there is going to be a fight probably with hybrids ( I WILL TALK ABOUT THAT LATER) but thats about it I mean they are going down the hybrid path and the military path so I don't know its a cool concept but the island thing dosn't work!

thank you for reading bye!