Velocirapteryx is a hybrid dinosaur created for the Chaos Effect line. It is a cross between Velociraptor and Archaeopteryx


The Velocirapteryx was bred for mobility and ferocity. A raptor's razor claws, jagged spines and the flight capability of the Archaeopteryx combine to make it one of the most dangerous of the genetically altered dinosaurs. Highly intelligent and clever, it usually stalks its prey in packs and has been known to hunt for sport.



Velocirapteryx maquette, owned by Tim Bradley.

  • It coincidentally shares a similar design to the accurate feathered depictions of Velociraptor in real life.
  • The skull resembles an accurate Velociraptor rather than the traditional Jurassic Park Velociraptor, though it is unknown whether this was deliberate or a coincidental attempt to make it appear more bird-like.
  • The enlarged finger is similar to those of Pterosaurs or Scansoriopterygids, rather than the wings of birds.


This was probably one of the most recognized, and popular dinosaurs of the Chaos Effect line.