Visitor Center kitchen

Visitor Center's Kitchen

The kitchen was a location inside the Visitor Center and adjacent to the Cretaceous Cafe. Alejandro and the other Chefs would work in this building when preparing meals for guests. The Kitchen was equipped with stainless steel cupboards and various utensils, pots and pans of every kind. There were two doors that afforded passage to and from the kitchen, one set on each side of the dining room back wall across from the Gift Shop. The doors must be opened via a handle, unlike most restaurant doorways that can simply be pushed open. There was also a freezer for items that need to be kept frozen.

After the Velociraptors escaped, Lex and Tim ran into the kitchen in an attempt to flee from the dinosaurs. One of the Raptors was knocked unconscious for a moment when it ran headlong into one of the stainless steel panels on the wall, mistaking Lex’s reflection for Lex herself. A second Raptor chased Tim into the freezer and was locked in.


Jurassic Park (9 10) Movie CLIP - Raptors in the Kitchen (1993) HD

Jurassic Park (9 10) Movie CLIP - Raptors in the Kitchen (1993) HD

VIsitor Center Kitchen