thumb|300px|leftHello everyone I'm Brandon with Brandon's Jurassic Park game reviews today's episode is Jurassic Park Operation Genesis.THE8PURPLE2 asked me too do this one you rock THE8PURPLE2. This game has lots of modes it has Operation Genesis, Exercises, Missions & Site B lets

Jurassic Park Operation Genesis

start with Operation Genesis.You can make your own Island for your Park mine is full shape and nothing else it is a circle Island too.At first it looks like a dump without Dinosaurs but as you make it the Island gets better.But just so this isn't a long review I'll just use the cheat codes you can go too Gamespy too find these codes.First use the Gimme Lots Of Money code until you get to 4,810,000 or more.Then do the Open To Public code and select Judith River Group B if you want the T-rex she will help you in park popularity the most then select one of the following Chenni Formation (Spinosaurus) or The Flaming Cliffs (Velociraptor). I chosen The Flaming Cliffs because Velociraptor is my favorite Dinosaur. Then use the Mr.DNA code for full Dinosaur DNA.Oh and if you get a message from Peter Widlow ignore it because he'll just say we are disappointed in your lack of creating Dinosaurs for the Park.Use the All Research code for all items for the park.And build the Park in the middle of the Island so it makes sense.Finally just build the Park the way you like it but remember the Dinosaurs will rampage because of three things.
  • A storm might start.
  • Your fence might be small.
  • You might have typed in the Rampage code.

So make sure too stop them at all costs by either Getting into the chopper and shooting them or type in the Packs Jurassic code.

This is a great game but there is one glitch in the game if you but some Dinosaurs together in a really small cage it will look like they are mating.Here are some examples of some Dinosaurs that I saw do that before.Spinosaurus+Carchcharadontosaurus=Acrocanthosaurus & Gallimimus+Brachiosaurus in a coma=Zombie Corythosaurus.

Well that's it for today so I'll give this game a 10 out of 10 I hope you liked my review so see ya next time.