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Worker Village
LocationIsla Sorna
PurposeThe place where the employees that worked on Site B stayed

The Worker Village is a small town on Isla Sorna in the film canon. It was built to accommodate workers of InGen. Peter Ludlow refers to it as "old worker village", he tells that there is an operations building with a communication center. Like in the novels everything ran on geothermal power, "it was never supposed to need replenishing". Nestled at the base of cliffs outside of a field of long grass, the Worker Village stands as a reminder of InGen's activities on Isla Sorna. After Hurricane Clarissa hit the settlement and InGen cleared out, it became a nesting area for Velociraptors.

Inspiration Edit

The Worker Village is inspired by the Isla Sorna village that appears in The Lost World novel. However the village plan and buildings differ from the novel. Despite the script description and other preproduction material, only four known buildings were actually constructed at the set. This was due to the change of climax from being set in the Worker Village itself to the San Diego Incident that ended up in the theatrical cut. According to Steven Spielberg in the Making-Of featurette on the Blu-ray, he called up the contractors at the construction site of the set, asked how many buildings they had started on, and told them to finish just those up because he had decided not to have the final scene in the Village after all. The entire Village was planned right up to almost the last minute. They were already contracted to build 13 buildings when the number was cut in favor of moving funds elsewhere.


Ingen workers village by abekowalski-d4uuc2f

Map of the Worker Village by Park Pedia member Jhayk' Sulliy This map is considered accurate to the films.

A map (see, right) of the Workers Village was created by Park Pedia member Jhayk' Sulliy, who created the map through extensive research of both the film and production images of the set. The map features the correct placement of even the debris seen on screen among an accurate display of the buildings and their details. Despite the script description and other production material, only four known buildings were actually constructed at the set. This was due to the change of climax from being set in the Worker Village itself to the San Diego scene that ended up in the theatrical cut.

Fence Edit



Surrounding the compound was an electrified fence broken only by a gate resembling the one that one would pass through when crossing the perimeter fence on Jurassic Park: Isla Nublar, and an obtuse-angled cage of piping that was next to the Geothermal Power Plant. This piping was likely what was used to access the Earth's geothermal heat used to power the compound.

Geothermal Power Plant Edit

The Geothermal area is never seen in detail and little is known of its structure, but what can be discerned is an entanglement of piping and cylyndrical towers. Connected to this entire area is a single pipe that connects from the main, larger building, to a large cage of piping that angles outwards obtusely from the front of the Village. One single pipe connects directly from the cage of pipes to the Kiln House and runs along the ground.

Operations Building Edit

The large, blocky Operations Building at the very back of the compound, which was made only three-stories (a large walkway wrapping long the front of the building, the main floor, and the helipad) was the main control center for the compound. Here was a lobby that behind the front desk was a wall sized mural that depicted a fantasized version of Jurassic Park: Isla Nublar. On the right hand side of the lobby, in front of the set of stairs that led to the helipad on the roof, was the operations center. Here held informational displays, radio equipment similar to that in construct to a Ham radio, and the switch that, when flipped to on, restored power to the entire compound. Hurricane Clarissa hit the Operations Building hard. much of the railing has been warped and lays rusted. The caged structure on the roof has too been warped and, like everything else metal on the structure, rusted. The sections of the metal roofing have stripped away, leaving the metal girders beneath to rust in their now exposed state. The interior has been swallowed by intruding vines, mold, and other plant life. Dead foliage stands guard on the stair sets outside, and the windows in the building have all been busted away.

Gas Station Edit


A Gas Station with an adjoining Mechanics Shop held all the tools necessary to make repairs on the couple of vehicles that InGen utilized as well as keeping them refueled. The two locations were all built into one structure and was located on the right hand side to the entering the Village. Next to it was the Radio Tower, which was the tower that was used to keep in contact with the mainland. Despite it's size, it's possible that the sparse design of the tower was what allowed it to brave even the worse of the hurricane. However, the base is littered with busted piping, snapped electrical lines, and other macabre of refuse. Also seen are two bobcat loaders, one within the Garage and one parked near the gate. The Gas Station interior itself is bare save for a desk, two small boards holding sets of keys and a doorway into the garage. Hurricane Clarissa seemed to have caused little damage to this structure. Except for the presence of vines beginning to creep up its wooden sides, the only true damage is the 76 Gasoline Ball sign that has fallen from the roof to come to rest at the building's corner nearest the Operation Building.

Boarding House Edit

The Boarding House was the largest structure in the Village after the Operations Building. Holding enough space for the workers to bed down in, it also presumably held the dining hall within. Built in plantation style architecture with staccato shingled roofing and a balcony that wrapped around the second story of a portion of the building, the interior of this structure is never seen, and therefore it's true purpose can only be given from the best guess based on the knowledge of the purpose of the compound. Hurricane Clarissa has shown to have hit this structure fairly hard. Many of the wood paneling on the Building's exterior has been ripped away revealing the steel girders within. The staccato roofing has fallen away in many places and a Chevrolet Blazer has been all but crashed through the building's wall. The windows are also either broken or far too filthy to be seen through.

Kiln House Edit


The Kiln house (center) with the back of the Garage blocking the view of the rest of the Boarding House. Note: this is a backlot tour photo taken after the movie,and the set lacks a majority of the debris seen on film.

Connected to the Boarding House by a single story building was a two story Mechanical shed. Positioned right next to the Geothermal Powerplant, the Kiln House held all the mechanics necessary to control and absorb the Earth's geothermal power that was used to power the entire compound. It was here that Sarah Harding and Kelly Malcolm were trapped by a pair of Raptors until Kelly was able to kick one out of a grated window of rotted wood panelling, and another followed Sarah onto the roof of the Boarding House next door before escaping her in a fight the raptor entered with another raptor. Hurricane Clarissa did her worse damage on the roof of this building. Although an electric pole sits under the roof, having knocked away a supporting strut to the roof, it is actually the shingling that has received the worse of the damage.

Video gamesEdit

The Lost World: Jurassic Park (arcade game)Edit

The village appeared in Stage 5, "Something Has Survived", in the arcade The Lost World: Jurassic Park game. It is the boss area of the level, where the player(s) fights two T-rexes as the game's final bosses.

Warpath: Jurassic ParkEdit

The village's operations center appeared in Warpath: Jurassic Park, as "Site B Lab". It served as Stygimoloch‘s battle area.

Trespasser: Jurassic ParkEdit

The InGen worker village of Burroughs was based on the worker village from the film; however, the town in Trespasser has several more buildings. This is because the original worker village had over 13 buildings, but they were cut to only about 4.

Board game Edit

TLW worker village

Board game version of the Worker Village.

The Worker Village is the stage of the The Lost World: Jurassic Park Board Game.


Village Scene Edit

Artwork and production picturesEdit